2017 Hotel Gastronomy Trends


Today, we will explore some of the 2017 hotel gastronomic trends while preparing the De.light Boutique Hotel’s Restaurant new menu, mixing tastes, blending ideas and products to create the new season’s gastronomic surprises which will be served in our sophisticated restaurant next to the impressive swimming pool!

Focus is on the products. Over the last years, the local produce plays a crucial part to gastronomy. When it comes to hotel menus, it is rather important for the guests to enjoy and discover the very products of each region. As part of the experience in staying in a hotel, dishes must include products that reflect the traditions of the destination. In De.light Boutique Hotel, we use the best of local ingredients, plus we reach for the finest products from all over Greece.

It’s all about fusion. Blending cuisines from all over the world is what creates the gastronomic sensations that you have to taste. You will be amazed hoe, with the addition of an ingredient from a foreign country in a purely traditional recipe, let’s say from Mykonos, a dish can change and be something unique that you will not taste anywhere else. This is what we are constantly working on in the kitchen of De.light Boutique Hotel.

Nutritional Cuisine. Light dishes with refined taste and low fat ingredients is what makes a dish irresistible and delicious. In De.light Boutique Hotel we try to keep our menu simple and made with nutritional ingredients that will keep you fit!

Mocktails & Fine Drinking. The latest trend for discerning drinkers is fine drinking. Cocktails and spirits served in the right temperature and with great combinations of tastes. Plus, mocktails are now a great choice for the non-alcoholic drinks aficionados. The bar of De.light Boutique Hotel covers both needs serving some great summer drinking options.

To read more just click on www.delightmykonos.com/gastronomy/.

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