5 corners to look for in Mykonos island!

5 corners to look for in Mykonos island

You might think that Mykonos is all about beaches, nightlife, shopping and partying. Well, this is the truth, but there are some parts of Mykonos which still remain unspoilt and require a certain point of personal interest to discover a side of the island where no one is dancing all day and night long. There are some parts on this island where Mykonos still preserves its real island heritage and some of these parts you can pass and never notice. Here are the 5 corners you should look for in Mykonos island.

First of all, the church of Panagia Paraportiani. Do not surpass this picturesque church just because it is not as tall as the windmills. You have to know that it’s consisted of five churches built from the 17th century onwards and if you have time visit the indoor of the church. We remain with sights with religious interest as, in Ano Mera, besides the lovely square with the cafes and taverns, we find the monasteries of Paleokastro and Panagia Tourliani. Both house extremely rare pieces of religious art.

Then, head to the Lighthouse of Mykonos with a stop to the particularly interesting beach of Choulakia. At the lighthouse, you will admire some amazing views whereas at the beach you will see a scenery that you will not find anywhere else. Millions of grey stones are in these and remember that you are not allowed to take any with you.

For the final corner to look for in Mykonos island, the north-east side of the island where most of the natural beaches of the island are found. There, it is located the artificial lake of Marathi, whereas at the beach of Agios Sostis you will be part of the landscape of Mykonos where still nature speaks for itself! Do not hesitate to ask the people of De.light Boutique Hotel who definitely know more about the Mykonos corners you should discover!

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