A day at De.light Boutique Hotel

A day at De.light Boutique Hotel

A day at De.light Boutique Hotel, Mykonos!

Wondering how you can spend your day in De.light Boutique Hotel in Mykonos. In today’s blog spot we are presenting a detailed overview with things to do in the hotel. You can follow our suggestions or pick the ones that suit you more.

Morning: Powerful Start

Waking up around 10 o’clock, open the windows and take the first breathes of the refreshing Aegean air. Feel the serene atmosphere and gaze at the blue of the sea and the sky. After having a shower, head to the swimming pool area for the hearty and delicious breakfast of De.light Boutique Hotels. Omelettes, pies, fresh fruit juices and coffee to start your day in the hotel with the handmade delicacies of the breakfast buffet.

Noon: In need for relaxation

You have to answer the dilemma whether you want to spent the rest of your morning: at the swimming pool of De.light Hotel or at the organized part of the beach of Agios Ioannis in front of the hotel. Whatever you choose you will enjoy the bright sun and you will relax with the pampering of the hotel’s staff. Our snack menu suggests light dishes and a range of drinks to refresh you.

Afternoon: Cocktail or Massage?

The sunset time in De.light Boutique Hotel with the beautiful views to the sea and the island of Delos is one of the best times to enjoy in Mykonos. Order your favourite cocktail and indulge in the magical atmosphere that the setting sun is creating. Also, arrange a massage session to release you from every day’s life tense.

Night: Stars & Tastes

After enjoying the sunset in Mykonos choose your table at Sense Authentic restaurant. An unforgettable gastronomic journey in Mykonos begins. The light of the candles and the stars of Aegean sky, the refined and gourmet tastes will travel you around the Mediterranean with every bite.

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