A summer story of Luxury & Style

A summer story of Luxury and Style

Summer story of luxury and style

In De.light Boutique Hotel, we do feel that moving towards the heart of summer means that is now time to write our summer stories for 2016. Weather is great, hot and sunny as it should be, and everyone is in position to offer and share the best ideas and services for you to write your very own summer story of luxury and style in De.light Boutique Hotel in Mykonos.

The first lines would probably be about staying in one of our ultra-summer chic suites which you can find all the details for by clicking on www.delightmykonos.com/suites/, but we would like to give you something more so head to the swimming pool area of De.light Hotel. Let all your worries fly away, look around the light blue colours altering in the sky and the beach of Agios Ioannis in front of you and feel like you are part of the summer in Greece and the island of Mykonos. Catch up with yourself, make plans and dream about the future. This is the right place to think about all these big and small things in life that can make you happier.

Let’s stay in the swimming pool area of De.light Boutique Hotel for a little bit longer. There is a reason, or even better, there are various reasons. It is the cocktails and the light dishes prepared at the Pool Bar. Now raise your glass facing the sun and turn around to the beloved faces that are with you in this summer journey to Mykonos. Your summer story of luxury and style by De.light Boutique Hotel in Mykonos is now referring to what summer should be like!

As you are turning page, trying to write the epilogue to your summer story, your mind and soul hunger for more. There is just the place to write the last lines and we are talking about the restaurant of De.light Boutique Hotel in Mykonos.Taste and savour the best of the Mediterranean cuisine in stylish environment where the stars of the sky look like they are inside the swimming pool and lighten up your dinner and your night in Mykonos.

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