A trip to Delos

A trip to Delos

All you have to know before visiting the sacred island

A trip to the island of Delos

The island that you are gazing at from the privacy of your balcony or while sipping a cocktail at the pool of De.light Boutique Hotel or while having dinner at Authentic Restaurant, is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. Before planning your visit, the people of De.light Hotel can help you with all the details, finding the answers to your questions about the sacred island of Delos.

What the myth says about the island of Delos?

The myth suggests that the God of Light, Apollo, and his sister, goddess Artemis, were born in the island of Delos. This is the main reason why the island was considered sacred for ancient Greeks and no one was supposed to be born, live or die on this island.

What’s there to see?

This is an inscribed World Heritage Site by UNESCO, full of interesting buildings and art crafts. The most famous is the Terrace of the Lions, the temple Dionysos, the Minoan Fountain, the squares, the Agora, the Temple of the Delians, dedicated to Apollo, the Temple of Hera and many more.

How do I get to the island of Delos?

The boats are leaving from the town of Mykonos and they are running all day long. You can address the people of De.light Hotel for all the necessary arrangements, so you do not have to worry, but just enjoy your visit to this important and inspirational archaeological site.

If you need more information please ask the people of De.light Boutique Hotel.

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