The Name & The Myth Of God Apollo
Delight means pleasure, satisfaction, joy and many other things that bring you closer to happiness. Greek hospitality, along with tailor-made services, makes for the perfect combination to tender all these blissful feelings to our guests. Our inspiration was initiated by this special word and the Hotel was named after it!
Closer To Happiness
Overlooking The Sacred Island Of Delos

With elegant and cozy facilities, as well as excellent services, De.Light Boutique Hotel and its staff are devoted to offering delightful holidays to our guests.

As for the division of the word (De.light), here comes an interesting story that will “reveal” the secret behind the dot: De.light Boutique Hotel is ideally located at Agios Ioannis bay, overlooking the sacred island of Delos.

Do you need an experience tailored to you needs?
Not Just A Name
Not Just A Story
According to ancient Greek mythology, Leto (daughter of Titans) gave birth to her twins Artemis & Apollo after she was pursued and impregnated by Zeus (the King of the Gods). When Hera (Zeus’ wife) discovered the news about her husband and his mistress, she went after Leto and tried to prevent her from giving birth. Zeus asked Poseidon to find a secret and safe place for Leto, so she could bring his children to the world.
Facilities & Services
24-Hour Front Desk
Concierge services
Early breakfast
Wake up call service
Laptop (upon request)
A la carte restaurant
Outdoor swimming pool
Free Wi-Fi in rooms and common areas
Free private parking area
Room service
Laundry & Ironing services
Bathrobes, Slippers & Comfort Amenities
Allergy-Free Room Available
Mini Bar
Safe deposit box in rooms ( laptop size )
Delight Mykonos Villas
Delight Mykonos Villas
Greek Hospitality
Bathed in The Unique Light Of Delos

Leto was finally able to give birth to both Artemis (Goddess of Hunting) and Apollo (God of Light). From that moment on, Delos was declared a “sacred island” devoted to Apollo and until today remains bathed in the unique light of Zeus’ son (Delos light – De.light).