August in Mykonos and De.light Boutique Hotel!

August in Mykonos and De.light Boutique Hotel

It is no secret that August is probably the most beautiful month of the year. It might be because it’s the month of holidays and relaxation. Even those who are still working in August, they find time to enjoy the pick of the summer. Today, we will give you some tips regarding August in Mykonos and De.light Boutique Hotel. Some will say that in tourist destinations during August everything is more expensive and crowded. It is not, if you know where to stay and what to enjoy.

August in Mykonos and De.light Boutique Hotel is amazing. Everyone seems to be in the best summer mood; ready to party or relax! Staying in the brand new suites with outdoor jacuzzi in August, you will enjoy some of the best sunsets of the Aegean Sea as all suites feature sea views. The weather is hot enough but during night time the breezes become even more refreshing. August is the month that you can find almost all products at its tastiest! Do not miss a slice of watermelon!

Let’s see now what happens to the rest of the island, starting from the beach of Agios Ioannis (Shirley Valentine) where you can relax as long as you like. If you are interested in night outs with dancing and partying, then in Mykonos you will not find just one party per night but many events with guest DJs from all over the world.

We can say more, but August in Mykonos and De.light Boutique Hotel feels like you found the spirit of real summer and you are in the heart of summer fun. So, why missing the opportunity of spending the best month of the year in one of the world’s greatest destination and with the hospitality of De.light Boutique Hotel? To live the summer dream just click on

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