Autumn and Mykonos

Autumn and Mykonos

Autumn and the island of Mykonos:

Why visit De.light Boutique Hotel during autumn!

Calendar might show that there is no other summer months left, but a brand new season is starting up. It is autumn and in the island of Mykonos the summer still goes on and on. In today’s blog post we are explaining you why visiting Mykonos during the months of September and October can be an even better experience and we are giving you all the things you can enjoy in Mykonos during autumn.

The weather

The weather remains warm and lovely. The heat waves and the summer breezes, called meltemi, are not as frequent as at the summer months. The temperature varies from 15°C to 30°C and the sun is still up and shiny, while the first rains of autumn are giving a refreshing touch to the atmosphere.

The prices

Prices are lower during the autumn months as we are leaving behind the high and peak season. You will notice that in the hotel’s price list and in airplane and boat tickets. Don’t forget that De.light Boutique Hotel is located close to the airport and the Town of Mykonos island.

It’s less crowded

Everything is so much more enjoyable with less people in the streets, the beaches and the sites of Mykonos. The island of course is not empty, but you will have the chance to enjoy even more your activities, restaurant choices and swimming without having to handle all the hustle of crowded places.

It is better for sightseeing and activities

Due to the cooler weather conditions, the lower temperatures and the light breezes all activities in Mykonos are becoming even more joyful. Enjoy trekking, beach hopping, swimming and all the different activities without sweating and having to worry about your skin’s exposure to the sun.
The autumn in Mykonos is a beautiful and memorable experience. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy your holidays in De.light Boutique Hotel with all the benefits this season has to offer

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