Beauty and the Delight

Beauty and the Delight

Beauty and the Delight Boutique Hotel

In De.light Boutique Hotel on the island of Mykonos all is about making you feel and look beautiful. We can propose and arrange various beauty treatments for your body and face that will rejuvenate and make you feel refreshed.


Arrange a massage session in your suite and choose within healing, relaxing, anti-stress, reflexology, massage with oils and herbal remedies. Let yourself to the hands of our experienced therapists and enjoy a deep relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Face & Body Treatments

Highly recommended for couples getting married in Mykonos and want to look fabulous on their wedding and the reception. The beauty therapists will propose the mask and treatment that is suitable for your skin type and the results will amaze you as we are taking care of the health your face and body.

Nail treatments

Details of higher importance for your look and health during summer time. Ask for a manicure and pedicure from our experienced beauticians and look gorgeous at your visits to the beaches of Mykonos and your night outs.


Getting ready for an important event or want to look gorgeous during your stay in Mykonos? We can arrange all the details for appointments with acclaimed hairdressers from the island.
Want more? Ask for more beauty treatments, spa arrangements that will make your days in De.light Boutique Hotel even more pleasurable and you look even more beautiful.

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