The Hotel

The Architecture

DELIGHT & THE ARCHITECTURE Respecting the environment that we had to construct De.light Boutique Hotel is among our main commitments. De.light Boutique Hotel is designed and built with absolute respect to the Aegean architecture. Using materials that refer to the local environment like stones we created a beautiful complex of suites that resembles the lines

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The Details

DE.LIGHT & THE DETAILS Taking care of details? In De.light Boutique Hotel on Mykonos island we are taking care of every single detail of your summer needs and wellbeing. At the same time all suites and premises of the hotel are decorated in a very elegant yet comfortable way. Being loyal to the Aegean architecture

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The Name

DE.LIGHT – THE NAME Delight means pleasure, satisfaction, joy and so many things that bring you closer to happiness. We want to offer all these feelings to our guests so we decided to name our hotel after a word that brings only blissful feelings. Through our hospitality services, the suites, the restaurants, the services and

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DE.LIGHT & BREAKFAST The most important meal of the day is in De.light Boutique Hotel the most delicious. At the Pool Restaurant of De.light Hotel you will enjoy breakfast delicacies that will delight all your senses and give your day the perfect start. Dress casually, pick your sea view table and fill your dish with

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DE.LIGHT AND PRIVACY The beach of Agios Ioannis in Mykonos is a tranquil and truly peaceful spot in the island of Mykonos. De.light Boutique Hotel is built in a way that ensures the privacy of your stay. All suites have their own private balconies with sea view that make you feel comfortable and give the

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