Decorating the Hotel

Decorating the Hotel

Decorating the Delight Boutique Hotel in Mykonos!

Decorating the suites of De.light Boutique Hotel in Mykonos was and still remains an interesting story.The principles that the owner and decorators were based on can be concluded as the effort to combine the traditional Cycladic architecture with all modern comforts that ensure a care free stay. Let’s find out more details.

Every suite has its very own decorative «personality»:

The five different suite types of De.light Boutique Hotel are featuring their very own and particular style. They all have in common the light white colour at the walls, the traditional architecture with modern furnishing and comfortable amenities.

Light & Colours:

The suites of De.light Boutique Hotel are really light and the structure of suites allows the sun and natural lighting into the rooms. Then we have the light colours, like green, grey, purple and blue that is creating a unique accommodation atmosphere.

Feel like home corners:

Comfy sofas, tables with elegant details, beautiful chairs, dining tables (in some suites) and desks will make you feel like home with their comfort and style.
The decorative details: We pick every single decorative detail of every suite with special care and attention. The paintings, the vases, the cushions, the candles and so many more things were carefully selected and appointed in the suites of De.light Boutique Hotel in Mykonos.

The luxurious bathrooms:

We paid great attention to the creation of the bathrooms of De.light Boutique Hotel. All feature the latest bathroom amenities which offer you the comfort of being in modern and stylish bathrooms to enjoy even more your stay at the De.light Boutique Hotel.

Decorating the suites of De.light Hotel is an on-going procedure adding more elements that make the rooms even more cosy and beautiful. The people of De.light Boutique Hotel try to make your stay in this “Small Luxury Hotels” member a truly memorable one.

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