Essential Gay Mykonos 2015

Essential Gay Mykonos 2015

In our today’s blog post, we are going where the real fun of Mykonos is; where music, shows, dancing and flirting lasts all day and night long. The hot gay destinations and spots in Mykonos are almost everywhere but there are some special points to have fun and enjoy yourself either you are travelling alone, with your significant one or with your friends.

Essential Gay Mykonos 2015 | Where to swim? At the beginning, there was always the beach of Super Paradise for party and dance seekers. Since last summer, when the Jackie O Beach bar opened at Super Paradise beach, people seem to have found their new beach hot spot in Mykonos. If you are looking for yet another cosmopolitan gay beach in Mykonos then the beach of Elia and especially the right part of the beach is your place. For those want to be alone and enjoy the sun in unorganized beaches then in Agios Sostis and Fokos is where to go.

Essential Gay Mykonos 2015 | Where to go out? After a long beach day in Mykonos the crowds head to Elysium Hotel for the sunset and the Sunset Cabaret featuring world famous drag queens shows which you can enjoy with a cocktail. As for the night entertainment in Chora, there is the all- time classic gay bar Porta, when for super-fun gay nights in Mykonos the place is Jackie O. Among the new additions to the nightlife gay map of Mykonos is the Athenian gay club Fou.

Essential Gay Mykonos 2015 | Where to stay? In De.light Boutique hotel, we have all that a gay couple or gay friends are looking for. The style, the privacy, the sophistication, the comfort, the sea view, the refined tastes and innovative cocktails! There are more to enjoy and discover while you are gazing at the Aegean Sea and relaxing from a wild night out or just preparing yourself for a full day in Mykonos! Want to check for yourself just visit

When it’s the XLSior event this year? The major gay event in Mykonos is starting for 2015 at the 19th of August and last up to the 23rd. For the full program of events and parties just click on

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