Concierge Services in Mykonos

All-access pass to the good life

In our eyes, a Mykonos holiday is all about enjoyment and hedonistic pleasures. At DeLight, you don’t have to worry about a single thing – our concierge services in Mykonos will make sure your stay is nothing less than pure indulgence. You name it, we will make it happen – a candlelit marriage proposal, VIP club reservations, personal training or yoga sessions, life coaching, cliff diving, helicopter rides or any other luxury. And since we are surrounded by the Aegean’s azure blue waters, we specialize in everything nautical. Care to add some more activities that will spice up your holiday? Something beyond the ordinary? Then a luxury yacht cruise around Mykonos is the best way to venture off the beaten track and create a lifetime of memories in the process.

Indulgent Mykonos Concierge

Make every moment unforgettable

We’re here to help you navigate through choice, with personalised itinerary suggestions. Options are vast and varied, including, but not limited to:

  • Private sunset cruises in Mykonos – experience ecstasy as skies turn from blue to tangerine aboard your luxury vessel
  • Private sea transfers in Mykonos – for beach hopping from secluded bays to cosmopolitan shores with incredible style and ease
  • Sailing tours to Delos and Rhenia – for a fun day in the sun, swimming and snorkelling in pristine, sparkling waters but also optional guided visits to the history-packed birthplace of Apollo and its picturesque neighbouring island, Rhenia
  • Guided excursions to Delos – explore the sacred island of antiquity and uncover its stories, mysteries and secrets with a professional guide