Mykonos Hotel Pool

Experience poolside idyll

There exists a place where relaxation is so deep that all worries wash away. Plunge into our sea-gazing, star-studded pool, and soak in the memories that will mark this Mykonos holiday. Embrace this sunlit serenity and let your worries fly away. Work on your tan, grab a mouthwatering bite in-between dips, doze off lazily or catch up on your reading on the lavish day bed especially reserved for you. Watch the sky’s colours collide as it turns from blue to tangerine to scarlet at dusk; quench your thirst with a cocktail that tastes of pure summer; let your body get carried away by the transcendent, DJ-curated tunes, fall in love, irrevocably and forever, with the moment. A haven of tranquillity and calm, this Mykonos hotel pool sets the stage for a once in a lifetime experience.