Gastronomy Bulletin!

Gastronomy Bulletin!

You might think that Mykonos is quiet and absolutely calm during winter time and you probably are right. However, there are a lot of things going on concerning gastronomy and movements towards the revival of the unique products of the island.

The traditional cheeses of the island (kopanisti, tyrovolia and a type of sour cheese), the sausages (like loutza) and the local wines along with the fresh fish and the meat are now back in the centre and at the top of the preferences of chefs in various restaurants.

In the cuisine of De.light Boutique Hotel at the beach of Agios Ioannis in Mykonos, we are already full of ideas to create a gastronomic experience that will surpass your expectations for an authentic dining experience reminding the ancient Greek rituals in a completely modern approach. Our experienced chef already tastes the new flavours that will be added to the new menu. Along with the views to the sea and the horizon in front of the restaurant be prepared for an unforgettable and delicious night under the star.

The gastronomic surprises will not stop at dining. The breakfast  will be enriched with local delicacies which are grown on the island. Get ready to start the days of your vacation with the finest local products. Plus in the pool bar of De.light Boutique Hotel you will have the chance to enjoy light dishes and snacks, such as sandwiches filled with local cheeses and sausages wrapped in our daily home- made bread.

We are already excited with the procedure of making one of the best and most representative gastronomic experiences that you can live in Mykonos. For more information, updates and online booking visit De.light Boutique Hotel’s web site at

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