Authentic Restaurant

Discover the Authentic Restaurant by Delight Hotel

Sense Authentic is the restaurant of De.Light Boutique Hotel, where an Ancient Greek gastronomic experience has been created based on the cultural authenticity that has held true from the ancient times to today. Balance is excellence and the gastronomic experience in Authentic Restaurant is where you can feel this.

Inspired by the Ancient Greek hospitality and tradition, in De.light Boutique Hotel we created a gastronomic experience aimed at making you feel blissful and fulfilled. Local products and traditional recipes are recreated through new combinations and modern techniques, all while carrying the knowledge and taste of the past.

Here the tastes are light and refreshing like the Mykonian breeze. They are as delicious and discoverable as the deep blue Aegean sea. Here you will enjoy tastes full of sophistication and love. A combination of local products, hospitality and flavors will create an experience that surpasses your culinary expectations, fills you with joy, and will travel with you around the world like a modern, mythological hero.

Authentic Restaurant in Mykonos De.light Hotel lies under the moonlight and is the spot where gastronomic mystery takes place. This is your chance to live a divine experience of stimulating body and soul over a gastronomic journey on the winding road of local products and hospitality in a culinary art process.


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“We are definitely going back to our favorite place on the island”

“A trip to heaven and back”

“The absolute BEST place to stay in Mykonos”

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