Honeymoon in Mykonos

Honeymoon in Mykonos

All about the romantic accommodation of De.light Boutique Hotel

What makes Delight Boutique Hotel, a Small Luxury Hotels member, an ideal choice for honeymoon on the island of Mykonos? We will give all the romantic and luxurious details that will make your honeymoon experience in our hotel a complete and memorable one.

The romantic accommodation

Choose among the suites of Delight Boutique Hotel the one that will accommodate the first days and nights of your new life. Our suites have everything you need concerning modern amenities and facilities, plus special arrangements for honeymooners that you will discover on your own.

The privacy

The location of the hotel guarantees the privacy and peacefulness of your stay, giving that all the suites have their own private balconies to ensure that no one will distract your days of your honeymoon.
The candlelit dinners. At our Authentic Restaurant you will live one of the most revolutionary and genuine gastronomic experiences in Mykonos. Under the light of the moon, which is as charming as the sun, you will enjoy flavours that will take you to another dimension and bring you closer to the delightfulness of the Mediterranean cuisine.

The relaxation

At the pool area, at your comfortable suite, or enjoying a massage at Delight Boutique hotel, we have anything you may need for the absolute honeymoon relaxation. Enjoy the sun and our cocktails at the swimming pool area, the sea at the organized part of the beach in front of the hotel or a massage and be treated as a king and queen during your honeymoon stay in Delight Boutique Hotel in Mykonos.

The Special Designed Services

You can ask for anything that you feel will make your honeymoon in Mykonos even more romantic and joyful. The staff and the people of Delight Hotel will be delighted to make your wishes for a dreamy honeymoon in Mykonos the best experience of your new life.

Find more details at www.delightmykonos.com/experiences/weddings-events/

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