Light & Sophisticated

Light and Sophisticated

Gastronomic trends in Mykonos

Frequent readers of our blog know that every year in De.light Boutique Hotel something new, something trendy and many delicious things happen. For everyone who has already tried this year’s gastronomic creation or anyone who is about to, today we are going to say something things about what happens in our chef’s mind, while you are comfortably sited next to the swimming pool area with the stunning sea views or if you visit us on dinner time under the clear skies of Mykonos.

This year, we tried to incorporate one of the classic yet fresh gastronomic trends that want the tastes light and sophisticated. The base of the De.light Boutique Hotel’s cuisine is the creative local and Mediterranean tastes which are already light. The main ingredients proposing fresh vegetables, olive oil, local meat and fresh fish are the key ingredients that make the Mediterranean cuisine a light and, of course, a delicious one!

And then, here is the element of sophistication. Having at your disposal so many delicious ingredients, it is somehow inevitable not to wish combine, try and bring together news dishes that burst with flavour, innovation and sophistication. We always want our customers to enjoy flavours that are delicious and introduce to their palate tastes that they have never enjoy before; signature tastes that will always remind you the visit at the De.light Boutique Hotel’s restaurant.

It is not always easy to incorporate gastronomic trends in Mykonos but the light and sophisticated concept is huge part of what we truly believe about enjoying a meal during your holidays in Mykonos. You simply must enjoy it all; the local products and the innovative tastes that will make you feel so beautiful while you are enjoying your dinner to De.light Boutique Hotel by the beach of Agios Ioannis in Mykonos. For more details just click on

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