Luxury is for holidays in Mykonos: The De.light Boutique Hotel Stories!

Luxury is for holidays in Mykonos

Luxury Holidays in Mykonos

It is actually no secret that Mykonos is among the top destinations for travellers loving luxury all over the world. The sophisticated restaurants, the opulent beach life, the high end boutiques and shops give to Mykonos island all the credit a destination needs to make you feel special and in the centre of summer cosmopolitism. De.light Boutique Hotel combines the traditional architecture with a modern twist and innovation when it comes to your accommodation, relaxation and gastronomy. We are ready to explain all about the luxury which is for your holidays in Mykonos and the stories of De.light Boutique Hotel.

First of all we have to mention that De.light Boutique Hotel is a Small Luxury Hotels member meeting proudly the high standards of this international hotel brand. Starting from the accommodation, De.light Boutique Hotel offers a range of stylish and comfortable suites when during summer 2016 new suite types were added to choose the right one for your luxurious stay in Mykonos.

Another great part of your stay in our hotel is the gastronomic proposals. From breakfast to dinner, we never stop surprising our customers and visitors with new tastes, dishes and concepts. A dinner at the restaurant of De.light Boutique Hotel is an experience which has it all; atmosphere, delicious tastes, summer clear skies and amazing feelings.

Yet another field that elevates your luxurious stay in De.light Boutique Hotel is our customer oriented services. From the first welcome to the very last minute of your stay, we take care of the details, propose activities and things to do and we are ready to fulfil your expectations and desires. Everything in De.light Boutique Hotel are made to transform your holidays in Mykonos into such a luxurious experience. After all, luxury is for you holidays in Mykonos and the De.light Boutique Hotel! For more click on

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