Authentic Mykonos Experience

A Boutique Mykonos hotel designed to delight

Packed with charisma and luxury, DeLight is located in Agios Ioannis, which enjoys majestic views of the sacred island of Delos. Legend has it that this is where Leto, Zeus’ lover, fled to escape the wrath of Hera – the ruler of the God’s (rightfully enraged) wife. Leto gave birth to twins, Apollo and Artemis – the gods of the Sun and Moon, of daylight and moonlight, respectively. Steeped in legend and (of course) light, Delos became the most important religious and commercial centre of the ancient world. Today, its star still shines bright: archaeological excavations in the 1930s unearthed a phenomenally well-preserved golden city, resplendent with temples, statues and mosaics. This, in fact, was what first lured the jet setters of the time to neighbouring Mykonos, where they found their own private paradise on the pristine, whitewashed Cycladic island.

Immersive Stays

Channel the true spirit and soul of Mykonos

Inspired by the enchanting energy of its exclusive location, DeLight boutique hotel in Agios Ioannis, Mykonos is specifically designed for stress-free holidays amid blue skies and seas. With highly curated premises, a host of bespoke, pampering services, sublime sea gazing, and tastefully appointed luxury suites, De.light offers uniquely-tailored experiences imbued with an authentic Mykonos spirit.
Designed to delight all the senses, this boutique Mykonos hotel in Agios Ioannis extends heartfelt hospitality to couples, honeymooners, friends and all those who want to experience the world-class, iconic destination that is the island of the winds. Welcome!