Mykonos is getting ready for summer 2016

Mykonos is getting ready for summer 2016

Mykonos Summer 2016

Following the last successful season, the people of Mykonos and De.light Boutique Hotel are getting ready to welcome summer 2016 against all odds. Greece goes through a quite challenging period of its history. The economic crisis lead to last summer’s capital controls – that do not affect any visitor of the island, as they face no limitations on cash flow, withdraws and transactions with their credit cards- and is now challenged with a refugee crisis with people coming from Syria to pass through Greece in Europe.

The truth is that the island of Mykonos is not affected by this situation at all, as it is not close to the borders with Turkey and it is a small island to host any hot spots. The people of Mykonos are helping out by all means, food and clothes collection etc. Sometimes is good to know the reality behind the news headlines from people living and working in your summer holidays destination.

Now it is time to return to the preparations for Mykonos summer 2016 ! Promising projects, new venues are now on their final way towards completion as summer approaches, and there will be nothing to cover the brightness of the Greek sun to shine all over the Aegean islands. Mykonos is now placing the level of exquisite customer services in accommodation and hospitality sectors even higher. It is a bet that everyone in Mykonos island are willing to take and win offering to the visitors of the island a memorable and extraordinary holiday experience.

Let us now tell you some things about the De.light Boutique Hotel’s news for Mykonos summer 2016. The stylish suites are now letting the Aegean breeze to refresh their premises, whereas at the restaurant tastings are taking place to prepare the new menus filled with creativity and iced with fresh ideas! Our event department is taking care of the events and parties that are about to be held, providing solutions for a celebration to remember. It won’t take long for the beach part of Agios Ioannis in front of the hotel and for the sun loungers to unfold and the umbrellas to open.

The De.light Boutique Hotel’s offers for “early birds” and the “lucky dates” are on. Be a step closer to the beauty and the extravaganzas of Mykonos summer 2016 by just clicking on and book online your suite in De.light Boutique Hotel now!

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