New HOT openings in Mykonos

New HOT openings in Mykonos

The season seems to warm up earlier for the summer which has already started in Mykonos island. Returning to the top places of holiday destinations across the world, Mykonos and the people of the island do what they know best: adjusting to the new era, partying and upgrading the services to fulfil for another year the expectations of the guests who are already packing their luggage to visit the island of Mykonos.

New hot openings, like the Victoria’s Secret Boutique, parties by international brands that make the headlines, progressive shopping entries like the delicatessen with the exclusive products and the d j playing all day and night long while you are shopping, are among the few new things that Mykonos’ visitors will experience this year!

De.light Boutique Hotel loves this new and cheerful season opening. Constantly updating the services, we are offering more to make your holiday an absolutely tailor made experience by up scaling almost everything. The new tastes at the Sense Authentic Restaurant, the new cocktails at the pool bar and the amenities at the suites of the hotel make 2015 and the De.light Boutique Hotel the most looking forward to live and experience season so far.

Do not forget our offers for early bookings and our passion to offer the best of Mykonian and Greek hospitality.

Come to join the party or just relax at the pool area of De.light Boutique with a cocktail, gaze at the island of Delos, think of what you are about to enjoy next in the hotel or in the island of Mykonos!

After all Mykonos and holidays in De.light Boutique Hotel is all about enjoying, living and … delighting!

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