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News Bulletin

News Bulletin: What really happens! Living in Mykonos during the latest improvements in Greek banks.

You would probably hear about the capital controls in Greek banks and the limitations in money’s withdrawal and if you belong to the lucky ones that have already planned their holidays in Greece and especially the island of Mykonos, then you simply don’t have to worry as a foreign visitor of our island or as a guest to our hotel, the De.light Boutique Hotel in Agios Ioannis!

What’s happening in Greece?

Due to the capital control in Greek banks, the country’s citizens are having a limitation to their money withdrawals. However, the visitors from abroad can withdraw as much money they wish or they have. It is not really advisable to carry with you extra cash but if this makes you feel better and safer then do so, but there is no real reason. Also debit and credit cards are acceptable to businesses offering this option of payment to their customers. Keep in mind that most small restaurant, café and shop owners might ask you to pay in cash but the amount of payment won’t be that big. As for the picture that you see lately with the queues in front of the ATM’s, they are mostly an Athens thing to live and here in Mykonos you will not face these delays when waiting to take out as much as you like to continue enjoying your holidays in Mykonos.

What should I do?

Simply nothing special and, even more, you don’t have to worry about money. Everyone is in position to keep offering the best of Mykonos experience and in De.light Boutique Hotel we are absolutely ready to offer you a complete stay with our services and benefits at your disposal. For any further question or information please do not hesitate to contact us at +30 22890 78038 or send us an e mail at

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