Offers & Best Rates at De.light Boutique Hotel

For the best hotel offers in Mykonos, visit the De.light Boutique Hotel Mykonos special offers page with seasonal offers and special deals.

Holidays in Mykonos! What can be better? Staying in a Suite with unobstructed sea view and all modern amenities that combine comfort and style! Yes, we are talking about the Suites of De.light Boutique Hotel in Mykonos, a Small Luxury Hotel’s member.

But our real point is that you can take advantage of our offers and best rates that frequently come up when you are about to book your suite in Mykonos.

The online booking of De.light Boutique Hotel suggests different types of booking in lower prices to save you money! You will also find a calendar for the best prices that you can find throughout the season if you are flexible with the dates. The prepaid option of booking is saving you money, whereas in many cases a free transfer is included to the offer. Discounts that reach up to 30% are also available in the De.light’s Boutique Hotel on line booking system and that means that you can upgrade your booking by spending the same amount of money that you have primary to your budget.

Also through the on line booking system, you can book your flight and ferry tickets that will save you time on searching for the means of transportation that will bring you to Mykonos or be your next stop if you are planning an island hopping in the Aegean islands.

Saving money when organizing our holidays is something that brings smiles in our faces and in De.light Boutique Hotel we want to keep you happy and satisfied from the very moment of your booking and before welcoming you in the beautiful island of Mykonos and our hotel. And now stop reading, start dreaming and book on line at

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