Reasons to Visit Mykonos in Summer 2017!

Reasons to Visit Mykonos in Summer 2017

Mykonos in Summer 2017

As the summer season of 2016 comes to an end, we can’t help it but think of the next one! You might think that is quite early but we love making plans and dreams of what thereis more to offer and share in order to upgrade your accommodation and make your holiday experience in Mykonos even more great! Let’s give you some tips of the reasons to visit Mykonos in summer 2017!

For the great hospitality. In Delight Boutique Hotel, besides the new suite types, we are already thinking of refreshing everything that has to do with hospitality and your stay with us.

For the tastes. The restaurant of De.light Boutique Hotel had a great season. There will be no relaxation dung the winter as we are going to create an even more inspirational gastronomic experience for you.

For the beaches. Starting from Agios Ioannis (Shirley Valentine beach), all beaches of Mykonos are a reason to come to the island with the golden sandy, azure waters beaches of the island.

For the sites. A trip to Delos is an experience that cannot be described. The light of the sun in the birthplace of Apollo is something that cannot be easily described.

For the activities. All sorts of activities in fact; from water sports to hiking and from sightseeing to shopping, Mykonos will go on as an island full of excitement.

For the cosmopolitism VS relaxation. Mykonos offers the best of both worlds. In De.light Boutique Hotel you will feel the cosmopolitan allure thanks to the elegant suites, the stylish restaurant and the great services plus you will have as much time as you like to relax and enjoy the sun and the careless summer days!

The reasons to visit Mykonos in summer 2017 are even more but we want you to see and feel for yourself. A good starting point is the De.light Boutique Hotel website at

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