Restaurant in Mykonos!

Restaurant in Mykonos!

If you have already visited De.light Boutique Hotel in Agios Ioannis in Mykonos, you would probably have tasted the delights prepared and served in our kitchen! We won’t keep you with a long introduction as we met the chef of Sense Authentic restaurant and had an interesting interview focusing on the inspiration, the products and the must-try tastes of the restaurant.

The chef characterizes the De.light restaurant in Mykonos and the cuisine as «Mediterranean, but with influences from all over Greece and of course the Mediterranean culinary history». He becomes even more specific talking about the products that inspire and are used in the kitchen of De.light Boutique Hotel in Mykonos. «Starting from the Iberian Peninsula and our favourite ‘chorizo’, we are moving on to France and the ‘foie gras’, then we visit Italy for the ‘risotto’ to reach to Lebanon and taste the ‘tabbouleh’» says as he travels us throughout the Mediterannean shores and he finishes his journey mentioning that «all these products blend beautifully with the products of Mykonos, the Cycladic islands and the mainland of Greece».

Talking about Greece, the chef says that his «favourite products are extra virgin olive oil, fava (split peas), local vegetables, artichoke and of course the fresh fish like the open sea sea bass that has quite a prominent position in the De.light Restaurant’s menu».

The chef takes the conversation even further and he suggests the not-to-be- missed dishes of the menu giving us a mouth-watering experience as he proposes «to definitely try the slow cooked octopus with the white eggplant, the Mykonian sausage with caramelized onions and the fava of Santorini». These flavours will travel you all around the Aegean islands tastes and are found on the All Day Menu.

But delicious tastes do not stop there. We are talking about the Fine Dinning Menu where he picks «the quail with foie gras, sweet smoked potatoes puree and bitter almond jelly, as well as the cod sauté in red pepper cream from Florina with fennel and baby spinach».

Sounds like the chef knows exactly how to blend deliciously products from all over the world for the creation of dishes that you will not taste in any restaurant in Mykonos but in the Sense Authentic Restaurant of the Small Luxury Hotel member De.light Boutique Hotel.

As we are finishing our “tasty” conversation, the chef says that he draws the inspiration for the creation of the dishes this year «could be nothing else than the hotel’s location. Just in front of the sea and all the treasures that gives us». As for the philosophy, he mentions that it is based on «the combination of fresh, local ingredients with wise culinary art and creative presentation. All this is to be enjoyed in a very atmospheric environment offering relaxation as you are gazing at the sea at the De.light restaurant in Mykonos».

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