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Experience Wellness in Mykonos

The ultimate gift any holiday can give is relaxation inside and out – complete body and soul rejuvenation. Yet we know all too well that Mykonos’ party scene can be as exhausting as it is exhilarating. Brimming with a tranquillity that is inspired by this island’s one-of-a-kind energy and light, our lavish Mykonos Spa is your go-to place to recover after a long night, revive your senses, and recharge your batteries. And since this world-class destination is where the planet’s beautiful people come to meet and play, naturally, you too will want to look and feel your best. To this end, our dedicated team of top-tier hairstylists, manicurists, makeup artists and beauticians is at hand to ensure that your day or night out in Mykonos is crowned with absolute success.

Wellness in Mykonos

Look & feel your best at our Mykonos Spa

A vanguard temple of wellness in Mykonos, the delightfully soothing DeLight Mykonos Spa offers a comprehensive array of cutting edge therapies and treatments designed for modern-day needs. Aimed at lulling and reviving every part of the body and mind, all remedies – even the most simple ones – have a sprinkle of science and the unmistakable mark of personalization. Choose between a variety of high-tech beauty skincare routines, holistic relaxation and anti-stress treatments, specialized therapies to tackle sore muscles, and essential beach body and detox packages. Entrust yourselves to the hands of our experts, close your eyes and just let it all go.