Spring in Mykonos Island; season starts to heat up.


As springtime starts to cover the island of Mykonos with a green feathery shade and some wild flowers add some colour to the infinite Aegean blue, you get to realize that summer is even closer and, for more good news, the preparations for summer 2017 are now concluding. But, before we move on to summer, let us tell you some things about spring in Mykonos island and what’s to discover and experience if you decide to visit the island in springtime.

To begin with, March and April might be a little bit chilly compared to Mykonos summer temperatures but May always feels like summer. The nature of Mykonos is taking the spring colours and the wild, Aegean beauty with scents of herbs that gives us a whole different perspective of how Mykonos really is. The colours are still vivid due to the low temperatures and the Mykonos Chora is now less crowded and even more beautiful.

This article gives us the perfect opportunity to talk about the summer 2017 opening of De.light Boutique Hotel, which is at the end of April. Of course, you are aware of the 30% early booking offer but we have to mention that if you book your spring visit to Mykonos in the De.light Boutique Hotel then you can enjoy living in a suite for approximately 100 to 200 euro per night depending to the suite type of your choice. So, you get a beautiful side of Mykonos and pay less for your memorable accommodation in De.light Boutique Hotel.

Do not miss the opportunity of discovering Mykonos Island in spring time! If you can arrange some days off work Mykonos in spring, it might enchant you even more than its summer side, as now you will have the chance to be part of Mykonos’s real and everyday life! For more click:  www.delightmykonos.com.

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