The architecture of Mykonos!

The architecture of Mykonos!

The architecture of Mykonos Island

The architecture of Mykonos Island has some distinguishing characteristics. The small houses are built to each other creating a town structure that protects the habitants from the strong winds. The doors and windows are coloured in vivid colours like red and blue. The neighbourhood of Little Venice though is a series of houses built next to each other with their colourful verandas and atriums “hanging” above the sea. The windmills are another sample of the Aegean architecture, whereas the picturesque churches are just completing the main architecture characteristics of the island. The lines are simple, following a geometry that reflects the way of living in the Aegean; clear and beautiful.

The De.light Boutique Hotel’s architecture is inspired by the main architectural features of the island of Mykonos. For the main building, for instance, we used materials, like stone from the island, so that the structure resembles the main characteristic of Mykonos town where the houses are built next to each other. Yet, we gave to our suites more space than a typical Mykonian house, as we want our guests to feel more comfortable. The areas of the restaurant and the swimming pool are open to embrace the beauty of the skies and the sea. The gardens of De.light Boutique Hotel resemble the yards of the houses of Mykonos whereas the flowers and herbs growing are indigenous from the island.

Yes, our suites and pubic areas are bright and airy but there is another aspect of pure Mykonian beauty that we haven’t left when we were the De.light Boutique Hotel. And this element is the vivid and pal colours of Mykonos. Every suite of De.light Boutique Hotel features a colour of Mykonos in traditional and modern decorative pieces.

We are absolutely sure that you will enjoy staying in De.light Boutique Hotel by the beach of Platys Gialos where the authentic Mykonian architecture and atmosphere is incorporated in every spot and finds a modern and highly aesthetic expression of the beauty of Mykonos! More at

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