The colors

The colors

The colours of De.light Boutique Hotel in Mykonos!

Wandering at the website of De.light Boutique Hotel in Agios Ioannis, gazing at the photos of the suites and premises of the hotel or you have already visited the hotel? Then you will definitely notice that in the suites some colours are giving their specific tone to decoration.

In our today’s blog post, we are exploring what those colours are representing and how they affect our guests’ well-being and happiness.

Of course there are two colours that dominate the premises and here is why. The white symbolises the cleanliness, the innocence, the balance, the simplicity and the tradition.

The blue, the colour of the sky and the sea is a key colour across the hotel. The colour blue expresses the serenity, the peacefulness and creates a sense of protection that the guests are enjoying in De.light Boutique Hotel.

In Sense and Delight Suites, the colour purple and its shades are giving touches of mystery, spirituality, sophistication and luxury.

The light green, added to Superior Suite, is giving a sense of freshness, harmony and natural beauty, whereas the shades of red are giving the tone of enthusiasm, passion, love and power where spotted.

At last a colour that gives its special touches almost everywhere. The colour brown and its shades symbolize the simplicity creating a warm atmosphere in the hotel’s suites and premises.

Want to see more colours? Then visit De.light Boutique Hotel’s photo gallery at

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