The essentials for your holidays in Mykonos!

The essentials for your holidays in Mykonos

There are some standard things that you pack when you are getting ready for your holidays and there are some essentials that you must bring with you when you are travelling to Mykonos island for your summer holidays. Before you start packing the essentials for your holidays in Mykonos, take a look at the De.light Boutique Hotel’s list with the must have before arriving in the island of Mykonos.

You will need definitely some super stylish beach wear and accessories. Of course, you can buy some at the high end boutiques of Mykonos but it is good to have with you your favourite caftan, flip flops, hats, jewels that make you feel gorgeous at the De.light Boutique Hotel’s swimming pool, at the beach of Agios Ioannis, the rest of the island’s beaches and for your morning or evening strolls at the Chora of Mykonos. Do not forget your favourite sun glasses! As for the night-outs, of course you can be dressed as you like, but the Mykononian night life loves style, sexiness and elegance!

If you must have with you the sun protection recommended by a doctor, then bring it with you, but if you don’t follow any special sun protection, you will find plenty of sun protection products on the island’s market.

We now have to talk about the gadgets. Besides your mobile, a tablet and, even better, a camera to capture the corners, the sights, the beauty and your moments in De.light Boutique Hotel and the island of Mykonos. It is highly recommended to have a camera with you as they offer better resolution to capture the bright light of Mykonos.

Of course, everyone has different essentials for their holidays in Mykonos but we had to remind you all the above mentioned so that you don’t get to the island without them. For anything further that you would like to ask, do not forget that the people of De.light Boutique Hotel are at your disposal and delighted to be of help. Just click on

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