Thoughts & Feelings

Thoughts & Feelings

A week at De.light Boutique Hotel and the island of Mykonos

It has been a week since I arrived in Mykonos. It is the first week of September, my favourite time of the year to visit Mykonos. Today is my last afternoon on the island. I am sitting comfortably in the private veranda of my suite trying to recall memories and feelings from this beautiful week.

What’s to remember;

the warm welcome from the reception and the people of De.light Boutique Hotel, the cocktails at the swimming pool, all fresh and so delicious. The night with the massage that made me feel so relaxed and rejuvenated.

One of the most memorable experiences in my last visit to Mykonos was the dinner at De.light’s Boutique Hotel restaurant Sense Authentic. What an atmosphere and tastes! I sat in a beautifully arranged table with gorgeous views to the sea with an old friend of mine and we enjoyed a series of flavours that I had never tasted before.

I still have in my mouth the taste of the freshly made pies at the breakfast which is a great way to start your day and the lazy afternoons in the beach of Agios Ioannis, just in front of the hotel, as well as drinking your fresh juice.

I still can’t forget the trip to Delos. What a magnificent place! The power of the sun through the ruins of a sacred island was creating a magical atmosphere. I still remember the lion statues facing east welcoming the sunrise every day. Shopping and nights out was also in my agenda. And then sleeping on the queen size bed of my suite.

My last visit to Mykonos?

Another great experience thanks to the pampering and excellent accommodation of De.light Hotel at the beach of Agios Ioannis. Because a great experience in the famous island of Mykonos starts from a great hotel.

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