Top 5: Why choose us for your summer 2016

Top 5 Why choose us for your summer 2016

2016 summer holidays in Mykonos

We will try to be honest and sincere; modest and real. We love to upgrade the services of De.light Boutique Hotel every year; enhance your experience; create memories and offer moments of beauty, taste and passion. We will give you all the good reasons to book now with De.light Boutique Hotel for your summer 2016 holidays in Greece.

Our accommodation proposals stand out. As member of Small Luxury Hotels, we incorporate the finest of the hospitality in Mykonos, in suites decorated with taste, distinguished for the comfort and the relaxing premises of each one of them.

The tastes are must try. Every year, we propose a range of tastes bursting with creativity and flavour. From breakfast delights to dinner under the stars of the sky, the dishes prepared at the Sense Authentic restaurant are absolute must try delights!

The art of pampering. In De.light Boutique Hotel, you don’t only feel like but you are indeed a very special guest! Thus we love to spoil your needs and desires for anything that you are dreaming of the perfect holidays in Mykonos. Enjoy beauty treatments and impeccable services that will make you love every moment of your stay.

The right location. The beach of Agios Ioannis or Shirley Valentine is simply the right choice in Mykonos since it combines proximity to the capital of Mykonos, having also absolutely stunning sea views where here you can combine staying in a seaside hotel which features an organized part at the beach for its customers only!

The memories. Probably you never think of what happens after your holidays, but this is quite a reason to choose a place where you will create the memories of a lifetime. In De.light Boutique Hotel, we will make sure that you will enjoy a complete experience in Mykonos that you will remember forever!

Those were just 5 reasons to choose the De.light Boutique Hotel for your 2016 summer holidays in Mykonos. There are plenty more for to discover and enjoy them you just have to click on

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