Travelling for Bleisure in Mykonos island!

Travelling for Bleisure in Mykonos island

Bleisure travelling in Mykonos island

It is one of the latest travel trends; travelling for bleisure (the combination of words business and leisure) is now considered among the trends that will dominate the world of tourism. Being widely believed that taking vacation makes people even more productive, travellers are now taking some more days and dedicate some time of their vacation for working. So, how this could be interpreted if you are travelling in Mykonos for bleisure?

Let’s say that you want to travel to Mykonos for bleisure, first you have to choose a hotel that offers the best of both worlds. De.light Boutique Hotel, with its comfortable suites and facilities like swimming pool, restaurant, pool bar and beauty services, has everything you need for the leisure part of your bleisure travelling in Mykonos island. As for your business needs, the high speed internet, the business corners and the study in most of the suites offer everything you might need to be in contact with your work.

It is also very important to pick an accommodation spot that combines serenity and at the same time is close to the Town of Mykonos. The beach of Agios Ioannis is ideal as there is an organized part just in front of the hotel and the De.light Boutique Hotel is a few minutes’ drive from the Town of the island.

Imagine working having the stunning Aegean Sea’s blue every day, enjoying a break at the swimming pool area and the creative tastes from the restaurant. It sounds pretty certain that executives are right. Bleisure will make you even more productive and Mykonos should be in the top choices when you wish to combine business and leisure! Another definite thing is that De.light Boutique Hotel offers a great bleisure experience in the spacious suites, the restaurant and the serene ambience of its location! To read more just click on

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