Wedding receptions & parties

Wedding receptions and parties

Wedding receptions & parties at De.light Boutique Hotel in Agios Ioannis, Mykonos

Mykonos is a very popular destination for weddings. The unique landscape, the bright colours of the skies, the pristine beaches and the picturesque churches are the perfect spots for a dreamy wedding. When it comes to wedding receptions, the choice of the right place is an important decision and you have to be careful. Today we are answering your questions about organizing your wedding reception or a party in De.light Boutique Hotel at the beach of Agios Ioannis in Mykonos.

Where is De.light Boutique Hotel?

De.light Hotel, member of Small Luxury Hotels, is located right on the heart of Agios Ioannis beach in Mykonos. The close distance to the town of Mykonos and the convenient location wherever you are on the island makes De.light Boutique Hotel an ideal spot, as none of your guest will face any problem to find the hotel’s premises.

Which are the wedding menu suggestions?

The hotel’s restaurant, Sense Authentic, the chef and his perfectly trained colleagues will suggest and take care of every single detail about the menu and the special dishes which you will share with your guests. The dishes are prepared with local and Greek products in imaginative and really creative combination of tastes. Although there are set menu proposals for a cocktail wedding party or a seated dinner, you can always add flavours to the menu which will be finally served at your wedding reception.

We‘d love a special wedding decoration.

The wedding receptions and dinners take place at the swimming pool area overlooking the gorgeous bay of Agios Ioannis. The setting is already dreamy and romantic but the wedding professionals will be delighted to propose ideas for even more special wedding decoration and flower arrangements.

And here is our last question: are there any suggestions for our guest’s entertainment?

There are plenty. You can have a DJ who will play your favourite songs from your entrance to the venue to the beautiful premises of the hotel until very late at night. You can also have fireworks and special arrangements which will make your wedding reception or party even more memorable.

Every wedding is so special and unique and this is the way that we treat every request that arrives to De.light Boutique Hotel’s email address.

The people of De.light Hotel will be by your side every single moment to organize the perfect wedding reception in Mykonos

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