What makes Mykonos island so UNIQUE!

What makes Mykonos island so UNIQUE!

10 reasons why Mykonos is a unique island

People all around the world love Mykonos. There are probably more than 10 reasons why Mykonos is a unique island, but we will try to keep it short. In De.light Boutique Hotel, we like talking about why we love this island; the reasons why nothing can be compared to the allure and the uniqueness of an island that stands out across the world when it comes to memorable holiday experiences. These are the reasons why:

Mykonos people long experience in accommodation. The people of Mykonos know how to welcome you, share experiences and good moods and make you feel comfortable from the first moment you step on the island.

Suites with style. The standards of accommodation in Mykonos are really high. Mykonos De.light Boutique Hotel by the beach of Agios Ioannis is among them. To find out more just visit: www.delightmykonos.com.

Bite by bite. Following the upgraded level of accommodation, traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine find in Mykonos’s restaurants a creative expression, such as the tastes you can enjoy at the Sense Authentic Restaurant.

The light. The bright Greek sun lights up the island every single summer day, but, keep in mind, that in the neighbouring island of Delos, the Greek God Apollo was born…

The stories in the sand. It is no exaggeration to say that, in Mykonos, you will find some of the best beaches of the Aegean Sea. We won’t say more; you have to visit them.

The sunset cocktails. It is a ritual and must do in Mykonos. No matter if you already had some drinks or you are planning a crazy night out, at sunset time in Mykonos, you have to greet the sun with a colourful cocktail.

The endless night outs. Even if you have already heard about the infamous nightlife of Mykonos, wait until you start wondering in the alleys, having cocktails and shots and dance until the first morning light.

Mykonos is for serious shoppers! High end designers, local and international, pop up stores of ultra-famous brands, jewellery with the finest precious stones or a humble souvenir? Afternoon shopping strolls in Mykonos are an experience.

Afternoon parties. By the beach or at selected venues in the main Town of Mykonos, the afternoon parties can last as long as the next day’s afternoon.

The need to return. When we like a place, we usually express the wish to come back. For Mykonos, we are simply can’t wait to return to the light days, the red sunsets, the cheerful sunrises and the need to swim and relax at the beach. Yes, you will definitely need to return.

Hope you enjoyed the top 10 list of the reasons that make Mykonos unique! You now have to live it. A wise start is to book online, at www.delightmykonos.com, the suite that will host this experience!

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