What to wear: Fashion tips for your holidays in Mykonos island!

What to wear- Fashion tips for your holidays in Mykonos island

As you probably know, Mykonos island is famous for its fashion consciousness and forwardness. Not only the international brands are having their boutiques on the picturesque alleys of the island but also the Greek designers choose the island of Mykonos to show all the latest trends, while the visitors and the locals love fashion strolling every hour of the day the alleys of Mykonos, partying and relaxing wearing really stylish clothes and accessories. Today, we are not going to talk about boutiques and shopping, we are going to give you all the fashion tips for your holidays in Mykonos island all season long.

Things though are pretty simple and can be summarized in a sentence mentioning that from May to September you don’t need any heavy clothing. The weather is hot all day long and, at night time, the soft breezes from the sea may require to carry a light jacket for your nights out. What you will definitely need is lots of swimwear and beach wear. You might need to change them during the day as you can go swimming and then in a feathery beach wear you can enjoy you cocktails and your strolls at the town of Mykonos.

For night time, choose airy dresses for the women or a nice pair of shorts with a stylish shirt for men. Go for bright colours that make your sun tanned skin look even more sexy. In Mykonos island, though, you don’t have to worry about clothing so much as at the shops of the island you will find some really great proposals and it is highly recommended to leave some space in your luggage for your purchases. As there will be some shopping. We swear.

As for your stay in De.light Boutique Hotel, the same fashion rules are on. Light and airy for your hours at the swimming pool and something a little bit more sophisticated for a dinner at the restaurant. Hope you enjoyed our fashion tips for your holidays in Mykonos island and if you wish to see some photos about the summer dress code in Mykonos just click on www.delightmykonos.com.

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