Why international stars love the island of Mykonos?

Why international stars love the island of Mykonos

Mykonos hospitality for celebrities

The recent arrival of the pop idol, Ariana Grande, opens the season for the celebrities that will enjoy their holidays in Mykonos this summer. Actually, the “relationship” between Mykonos island and celebrities is like a love story. Mykonos has not only clear skies filled with stars; every summer it becomes the hot summer-destination-to-be for the celebrities from all over the world. Since the first placement of Mykonos to the highest spots of the top destinations in the world, major Hollywood stars, actors, singers, celebrities and important personalities of the international stardom arrive in Mykonos by boat, airplane, private jets and yachts. Yes, there are several reasons why Mykonos attracts the rich and famous.

First of all is the natural beauty, the picturesque Chora and the gorgeous beaches! Celebrities love to wander around the island of Mykonos, enjoy the scenery with the churches and the wild beauty, but most of all, they love to take long strolls to the narrow alleys, taking photos, enjoying the company of the locals doing every day things, like sitting on a tavern’s table to taste local delicacies. The beach life of Mykonos, also, is very attractive for the famous superstars. Wherever they look for a stylish coastal corner or a place quieter and secluded, Mykonos offers them both!

Above all though, what makes Mykonos stand out from the international hot celebrity destinations is the impeccable services, the hospitality fusing authenticity with high end accommodation proposals and the VIP treatment that the people of Mykonos know how to make everyone and each one, wherever you are a celebrity or not, to feel special and enjoy the best of Mykonos. This is among the main elements of the De.light Boutique Hotel at the beach of Agios Ioannis in Mykonos. The people of the hotel will instantly make you feel like a celebrity. From the comfort of your suite to the delicious tastes of our restaurant in De.light Boutique Hotel, you will feel like an international celebrity and you will be part of the legendary Mykonos hospitality for celebrities! Just click on www.delightmykonos.com to see and feel for yourself!

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