Young Travellers and the island of Mykonos!

Young Travellers and the island of Mykonos

Young people from all over the world love the island of Mykonos. At the picturesque alleys of the island’s main town to the golden sandy beaches, youngsters find in Mykonos the fun, the Aegean beauty and the thrills that they are looking for. Either if you are after all day partying or flirting or dancing, drinking or just relaxing with style, Mykonos remains always an island made for young people who know how to enjoy life and summer to the maximum. Let’s discover now what young travellers can do in the island of Mykonos.

Starting from the super vibrant Town of Mykonos called Chora, young visitors of Mykonos can find anything they desire; from breakfast treats to all day snacks and great restaurants, fancy gastronomic venues and stylish bars to start their day and spend all day and night long. Keep in mind that, here, some famous sunset spots are found like the neighbourhood of Little Venice and the Windmills. Also, if you love shopping, then, in the Chora of Mykonos, you will simply find everything from clothes to beachwear and from souvenirs to great jewellery pieces!

Young people tend to rent ATV bikes to explore the island but we strongly suggest you to go for a car as it will provide more comfort and safety during your Mykonos excursions. Get ready to discover beaches like Paradise and Super Paradise for beach partying or Elia, Ftelia for water sports or Agios Ioannis for some relaxing times by the beach!

Young travellers find in the island of Mykonos everything that they desire for a super great holiday experience. In the island of Mykonos, you can simply find everything: party, flirting, beach life, dancing, love, all range restaurants and shops, where in De.light Boutique Hotel you will find some really nice proposals for your stay! Just click on

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